About Us

The Renting Guide specializes in relocating tenants, managing relationships between landlords and tenants and assisting with maintaining the property when possible.

Property Management of single family and multi-unit investment properties.

The fee for our management services is the equivalent of one months’ rent for the first 6 months of the tenancy.

Starting the 7th month of tenancy The Renting Guide will continue to manage the property for an additional cost of $25.00 + HST per month for the remaining term of the tenancy. The fee of one month’s rent is only applicable when a new tenant is sourced. At which point the monthly fees stop for the initial 6 months of the new tenancy.

There will be a move in inspection and an inspection after 6 months. Each property will have a property manager on call for repairs and emergencies. After the first year there will be two annual inspections.

When a tenant contacts The Renting Guide for a repair a representative from The Renting Guide will visit the property to not only look at the repair but will do a visual inspection of the property upon arrival.

The keys to reducing the risk of getting an undesirable tenant are as follows.

  1. Tenants are all thoroughly pre-screened and pre-approved prior to seeing the property. The landlord has the final say on who the tenant will be.
  2. The Renting Guide controls the source in which we attract our tenants which significantly reduces the risk involved with getting an undesirable tenant.
  3. Through 20 years of experience The Renting Guide can quickly gauge the types of character traits that make a smooth and seamless tenancy. Through experience our intuition for people has helped assist the owner with making the right choice of tenant.
  4. Not circumventing the application process. The Renting Guide has a strict application process and will be sure to provide the landlord with sufficient documentation and feedback so the landlord can make a more confident choice of tenant.
  5. Only someone from The Renting Guide will show your property. Unlike other programs our system is very hands on, from the initial screening process to showing the property only someone from The Renting Guide will engage the potential tenant to ensure we have the landlord’s best interest at heart.


Pricing and fees are subject to change with 30 days’ notice:

  1. Owner has final say on all pricing and prospective tenant approval.
  2. Display and show property to prospective tenants.
  3. Provide owner with completed work history profile, including letter of employment, bank statement, recent pay stub.
  4. Complete credit history and reporting of prospective tenants
  5. Ontario Standard leases as agreed upon to owner’s satisfaction.
  6. Confirmation that utilities have been put into the tenant’s name prior to taking possession of the property. (If the landlord prefers to keep the utilities in their name this would not apply.)
  7. Confirmation of Liability Insurance for a minimum two million dollars prior to tenant possession.
  8. Arrangement of all maintenance requirements and associated costs (owner will be invoiced for all approved maintenance on the property.) The landlord is not obligated to use any contractors referred through The Renting Guide